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The VILLA HILLS LONGHORNS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION is a 501(c) 3 Non-Profit Organization whose mission is to educate, sponsor and advance youth baseball for young boys and girls living in Villa Hills and Crescent Springs, as well as surrounding communities.  Our goal is to foster sportsmanship, teamwork and citizenship in our youth. 

The Villa Hills Athletic Association currently registers the majority of its teams in the Crosstown Baseball League.  Additional information concerning all levels of play are covered in their Crosstown Baseball Rules document found on under their Main Menu / Handouts on thier website.

The Villa Hills Longhorns are more than just an organization for your players and the game of baseball.  We are instructing our players in life skills; what it means to give your all whether you team wins or loses and how to respond. Remember that your actions and how you interact with your player, other parents, coaches, umpires and other teams is on full display of everyone.

A full copy of the Parent and Player Code of Conduct can be downloaded at the bottom of this page. All Parents and Players agree to Code of Conduct by registering for the Villa Hills Longhorns each season. The Code of Conduct also provides the steps if there is an incident at a practice or game you want the Villa Hills Longhorns Athletic Assoication Board to review

BASEBALL: 8U through 13U
Players are permitted to play up 1 year (level), but this is discouraged.  For example, a player in 8U would be permitted to play 9U, but not up to 10U. Players who wish to play up a level will have to be approved to play up a level by the Villa Hills Longhorns Athletic Assoication Board. Several factors go into the decision process to play up a level not just your player’s talent level.  

INSTRUCTIONAL BASEBALL: Program Levels TeeBall and Coach Pitch
The Longhorns do not specifically mandate certain age ranges to the Tee Ball & Coach Pitch levels, as we think this is a decision parents should make based on their own child’s skill level.  The general “rule of thumb” is that any first-time player should start with Tee Ball, and progress to Coach Pitch after 1-2 years or when their skill level dictates.



8U "Coach Pitch", 10U "Modified Kid Pitch", & 13U:

Full practice & game schedule, with games played around NKY and practices occurring in Villa Hills.  Rules will follow NKYA league rules, including "coach pitch" policy. Game schedule will be from late April through June 30th. 

"Lil' Lady Longhorns" Designed for those young players just getting started and under the age of 6.  Participants will be involved in our weekend fundamentals clinics, fun events with our high school softball program partners - including Notre Dame & Villa Madonna - and other activities meant to create a love of the game of softball.  Events will include special attendance at high school games, Kona Ice party, and weekend pitching & hitting clinics.  These young ladies are also encouraged to play in the Villa Hills Longhorns Tee Ball league, which is for both girls & boys.  More details can be found at