The City of Villa Hills Field Scheduling Meeting will be held at the Villa Hills City Building, 719 Rogers Road, is being rescheduled for January 2020. The city is issuing permits to only Villa Hills and Crescent Springs ball teams for the Spring 2020 Season. Teams will be issued permits for practice and game slots for the Franzen and Villa Madonna fields.

Field slots are assigned by program level and lottery for times at the Field Scheduling Meeting.  Please register your team prior to the meeting.  Registration is completed by filling out the Field Schedule / Registration product on the main page. A team representative is required to attend the Field Scheduling Meeting to obtain practice and game field / time slots. 

Field Schedule and Information

View Field Schedule

Select this link to view the Field Schedule Calendar for all Franzen and Villa Madonna Fields. This is the same Field Schedule Calendar available from the City of Villa Hills Parks and Recreation Website.

Field Usage

All fields have signs that clearly mark if the field is available for use.  The Franzen Fields Sign is located at the top of the hill as you approach the fields.  The Villa Madonna Fields Signs are located on the fences near the entry location for each field.   

If the field sign states the field is "Closed" do not use the field.  Usage of a "Closed" field will result in loss of permit.


Always have your permit with you for both games and practice.

Field Maintenace

The City of Villa Hills Maintenance Staff maintains the fields. Please do not take it upon yourself to update, fix or change a field or the surrounding area in anyway. Please help out the Maintenance Staff by picking up after your team.