Coach Pitch & Tee Ball

2020 TeeBall / Coach Pitch

For the 2020 baseball season, the Villa Hills Longhorns Athletic Association will again be offering youth “instructional” baseball. Because of the success in previous years, we offer both a "Tee Ball" option and a "Coach Pitch" option.

The Longhorns do not specifically mandate certain age ranges to the Tee Ball & Coach Pitch levels, as we think this is a decision parents should make based on their own child’s skill level. The general “rule of thumb” is that any first-time player should start with Tee Ball, and progress to Coach Pitch after 1-2 years or when their skill level dictates. 

These leagues are created & supported to make baseball a fun, learning experience for all kids. All practices & games are local (Villa Madonna & Franzen Fields in Villa Hills), and all games are played on Saturday mornings/early afternoons.

Still Have Questions email Steve!

 If you have questions on whether to sign your player up for Tee Ball or Coach Pitch, you can contact  Steve Steinbrunner (, the Longhorns Tee Ball & Coach Pitch Coordinator.